attention to detail
Attention to detail
precision laboratories
precision laboratories
Cuervo y Sobrinos pays particular attention to the aesthetic balance of its masterpieces.

The strap is an important contribution to the identity of our watch. Maximum quality crocodile skin straps, as with the other materials included in our offer (ray, calf, satin, …) bestow a further touch of class and elegance to the watch.
The colours used are a perfect match with our watch faces such as for example, tobacco, cream, cognac, mouse grey but also the more classic black and white/ivory.
For our more sporty clients, we offer a very exclusive metal strap, and customised natural rubber straps.

All Cuervo y Sobrinos steel watches are sold with a customised "déployante" closure (also available in gold on request).





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Customer Service
Customer Service
For any question, please contact our Customer Service, which is capably and professionally at your disposal