Exclusively for women
The  main  collection  of  Cuervo  jewellery  is represented  by  the  “Marilyn” series in honour of the fascinating actress, a timeless symbol of feminine beauty.
Dedicated to ladies with class, a strong personality who in a jewel look for beauty, glamour, creativity and quality, without a care for status and fashions. The Marilyn connection  presents  an  unedited  design  which  is  at the  same  time  classic  and modern, extremely pleasant and attractive, the shapes of which basically call Art Déco values to mind, which have always accompanied the style of the brand from Cuba.

•  Inspired by the original Espéndidos design from the 50’s
•  Unique spring system that adapts it self to different sizes instantly
•  White or pink gold with different combination of materials
•  Precious stones used: black and white diamonds, saphires, agatha stones and mother of pearl