research and design
Research and design
Cuervo y Sobrinos pays particular attention to the aesthetic balance of its masterpieces.
The idea was conceived from a synergy between marketing and manufacturing responsibilities which leave nothing to chance. Aesthetics are the result of CyS's history.
The details of each individual piece tell a small part of the "Casa" past and its origins.
The design is entrusted to experts in the sector who know how to transfer their ideas to technical drawings which are then used in production.

The strap is an important contribution to the identity of our watches. The highest quality crocodile straps, as with the other materials which form a part of our collection (calf-hide, satin, India rubber, etc.) bestow a touch of class and elegance to the watch.
The colours used perfectly match the highly identifiable colours of our faces such as for example tobacco, cream, cognac and grey but also the more classic shades of black and white/ivory.

For our more sporty clients, there are also bracelets in metal, from steel to gold, exclusively worked
All the straps are supplied with personalised CyS fasteners, whether steel or gold-made déployantes or the simple and refined gold buckle for the most classic pieces.




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Customer Service
Customer Service
For any question, please contact our Customer Service, which is capably and professionally at your disposal