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Humidor Packaging

Cuervo y Sobrinos Swiss Manufacture, Latin Heritage Humidor Packaging

Humidor Packaging

Cuervo y Sobrinos has always chosen its own route to success rather than follow the well-trodden path of other brands. This culture even extends to how the company packages its products. For many years, the prestigious marque has supplied its watches in a humidor made from cedar. Now, the brand has unveiled two new humidors that provide the ideal conditions for storing a watch or a number of fine Havana cigars.

All too often a new watch is supplied in a box that will go on to spend most of its life languishing in the back of a cupboard. The packaging is usually retained as it remains an essential element should the owner wish to sell the watch at a future point. Indeed, the box will significantly influence the watch’s potential resale value. And yet, for most of its life, the box is unwanted, simply accumulating a layer of dust and annoyingly occupying space.

One box features a tray with a brown leather, removable watch pouch at its centre. The pouch proves ideal for regular travellers wishing to transport their cherished watch. The tray can be easily removed, allowing the box to be repurposed for cigar-caring duties.

An alternative box, similar in design to the first, again features a brown leather watch pouch, but this time biased to one side. This allows room for an additional recessed section able to accommodate a second strap. This latter box is used for models such as the Buceador Caribe which comes supplied with two straps as standard. Again, upholding Cuervo y Sobrinos tradition, this box can also be used as a humidor. Finally all watches with a 2500 CHF or less price (taxes ecluded) will be supplied in a smaller humidor, the small humidor can also be requested for watches worth more than 2500 CHF in replacement of the regular humidor.

In an era when society is thinking more about sustainability, Cuervo y Sobrinos believe packaging should be adaptable, allowing it to be repurposed and fully utilised. Furthermore, the new boxes demonstrate the brand’s belief that luxury products should be respected and stored in ideal conditions.