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Iberian Historic Endurance 250KM Estoril 2016

Cuervo y Sobrinos Swiss Manufacture, Latin Heritage Iberian Historic Endurance 250KM Estoril 2016

Iberian Historic Endurance 250KM Estoril 2016



The Estoril 250KM marked the end of the Iberian Historic Endurance season.
More than 100 drivers participated in a demanding challenge in which Francisco Alburquerue, with the impressive Ford GT40, stood out above the rest.
The race had an anticipated end due to an accident in which five cars were involved and that led to the race supervisors to show red flag.
More than 50 teams met at the Estoril Circuit for the last race of the year. An extremely rich and varied paddock, with classic cars as the Ford GT40, numerous Porsche 911,
three De Tomaso Pantera, two Lotus Elan, a Mini Cooper S MK3 or a Datsun 1600 SSS.
At the end of the race, Francisco Albuquerque was declared the winner of the HGTP, while Max Boodie, who finished second, completed the challenge as the first of category H1965.
Despite the accident, the team Martinez/Fuster was the winner amongst the H1976 and Rob Bergmans, with the car Iso Rivolta was the best of the H1971.