CyS SA (Rue de la Gruère 7, 2350 Saignelégier Switzerland) has made this Privacy Policy to inform you about why and how your personal data is collected and processed when you use the Cuervo y Sobrinos website. If you have any questions regarding your personal data, feel free to reach us at Please take the time to read this Privacy Policy to understand our policies and practices relating to user data.
When you use this website, or call our phone number, or make a purchase in either our boutique or website, or you give us your personal data in any other way (we will refer to these actions as “Reaching out”), we consider that you have agreed to this Privacy Policy.
We want you to know that we take privacy seriously and are committed to protecting the personal information we collect about our clients.

1. Privacy Policy Acceptance

When you Reach out to CUERVO Y SOBRINOS in any way, we may collect and process a certain amount of personal data relating to you.
This Privacy Policy applies to any situation where you Reach out to CUERVO Y SOBRINOS, regardless of what method you use. It describes how we collect, save, and use information relating to you and what choices are available to you regarding how your personal data is collected, used, and disclosed. Whenever you Reach out to us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to both this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of this website. As such, you are considered to be bound by them and will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Reaching out to us means consenting to the collection and processing of personal data as detailed in this Privacy Policy. Please note that you have the right to withdraw consent whenever you wish and that upon your request, we will stop processing your data and/or delete it. That said, all data processing prior to such a request will remain valid. We may also process your personal data on other legal bases to make sure our website functions properly when you use it. If you refuse to agree to this Privacy Policy, or if, for a reason or another, you fail at providing some of the required personal data (you will be informed when that is the case), we may not be able to deliver our products and services, so we ask that you refrain from using our website.
What we consider to be sources of personal data
Below are listed the sources from which your personal data is collected, and to which this Privacy Policy applies: 


- Sites that are operated by or for CUERVO Y SOBRINOS, including:

- Sites that are part of our domains

- Pages that we manage on social media website like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

- Email, text, and all types of electronic communication between you and us

- Phone calls to any CUERVO Y SOBRINOS customer service

- CUERVO Y SOBRINOS boutiques and workshops that we and our affiliates manages

- Online and offline registration forms related to CUERVO Y SOBRINOS

- Other sources of personal data, including public sources of information.

2. The types of personal data we collect

The personal data that we collect and process may differ depending on:
I.The products and services that CUERVO Y SOBRINOS delivers and which you use
II.The source of your personal data
III.The configuration of your terminal and tracers such as cookies
Below are detailed the types of personal data that we may collect and process:
a. Data that you personally communicate
Any time you decide to Reach out to us, there is a possibility that we ask you to provide personal information like:

- Name

- Email address

- Phone number

- Mailing address

- Payment information, including your bank account details

- Date of birth

- Personal preferences or interests

We require that you provide this personal information so that we can create and manage your own account at CUERVO Y SOBRINOS. Doing so allows you to place and manage your orders at your leisure and enables us to communicate with you. We also use this personal information to offer products and services that may be in line with your personal preferences and/or interests. Note that all personal data that is necessary to carry out the goals we describe in Clause 5 of this Privacy Policy is marked with an asterisk and/or underlined on different pages of the website.
In case you fail to provide the required personal information, either by filling mandatory fields or otherwise, we may not be able to process your requests nor deliver the products and services you want. Communicating other personal information is not mandatory and you are free to disregard the fields or questions that ask for it. That additional information allows us to learn more about your needs, preferences, and interests which helps us provide a better customer experience. Furthermore, we may also collect personal information that we find on public sources; we consider that you have chosen to communicate that data.
Regarding your payment information, when you provide or update your payment details for the first time, we may transfer it to a third-party payment process through an encrypted connection. This transfer of payment information is necessary for us to conform to current security and legal standards.
Regarding your Email address, we may add it to our email list so that we can send you our newsletter as well as any email about our products and services, most notably emails that inform you of products and services you might be interested in. If you don’t want to receive these emails, you can request that we stop sending them by clicking on a link you can find at the bottom of each of our emails. Note that we may keep the information included in any email that you send to us, as we most likely will need that information to process and fulfil your requests.
b. Data we collect when you use our website and send or receive email
Any time you use our website or receive, respond to, and/or send emails from and/or to us, there is a certain amount of information about you that is automatically registered. That information consists mostly of your access and activity with our website and/or email, like your IP address, the device and browser you use, the time you spend on our website, the web pages you visited before landing on our website and/or emails, etc. This sort of data collection is a fairly common practice in most website. We use this data to analyse and understand how users access and interact with our website and emails, so that we can improve their performance as well as that of our services.
In regards to information about your location, the devices you use to access and browse our website may inform us about your location. This information is used to improve your experience on our website, like in the case of translating their contents to your preferred language.
In regards to hypertext links that redirect you to third-party website, we may include them within some pages of our website, however, we have no control over the contents and privacy practices of these third-party website and thus cannot be held responsible for their actions. Please take the time to read the Privacy Policies of any third-party website that we link to before using it.
In regards to cookies and similar technologies, we collect personal information and data using various cookies and web beacons (see Clause 3 for more information) as well as Google Analytics.
c. Data we collect from a social media platform
 In the event that you allow a third-party social media platform like Facebook or Instagram to share your personal data with us, we may receive and keep information that is accessible from your account on that platform. We may also receive that information when you use a social media functionality that is enabled on our website, or when you interact with us on a social media platform. Such information, which you have previously shared on a given social media platform, most often includes your name, email address, gender, profile picture, list of contacts, etc. Please remember to learn about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use of social media platforms that allow us to collect personal data.

3. Cookies

a. A definition of cookies
A cookie is a small text file that is sent from a website that you visit to your device. Its purpose is to help the website to collect and remember information about your visits and activity so that it runs more efficiently. For example, cookies enable a website to keep track of a user’s login information and shopping cart. Cookies also save user preference like font size or language. Most web browsers accept cookies by default, but you can set them up to block cookies or notify your when one is being sent. That being said, keep in mind that if you disable cookies, some parts of our website may not function as they normally should. We also utilize web beacon and similar tools to monitor the activity of our website and keep track of important statistics such as the number of visits, the portion of visitors that clicked on certain pages, etc.
c. How you can manage your cookies preferences
Most web browsers features settings for managing cookies preferences. If, at some point in the future, you want to withdraw consent regarding how we use cookies, you can delete all the cookies that were previously placed on your browser and change its setting so that it blocks future cookies, but keep in mind that your overall experience with our website may be affected. Whichever browser you use, there should be a “Help” function that shows how to clear and block cookies.

4. Google Analytics

Our website may use Google Analytics, which is a web analytics service offered by Google that makes use of cookies to analyse how the users of the website access and interact with them. These cookies gather data about how you use our website (that includes your IP address) and store them in servers belonging to Google in the United States. Google uses this data to inform us about user activity on the website as well as provide other related services. Note that Google may disclose the information it gathers to third parties as required by a legal obligation or in case these third parties process the data on behalf of Google, most notably the publisher of the website. Rest assured that Google will not cross-reference your IP address with other data it keeps. As state in Clause 3, you can always clear and block cookies by managing your cookies preferences in your web browser, but keep in mind that doing so may hinder the use of some functionalities in our website. When you use our website, you accept that Google may collect and process your personal data for the purposes stated above. In case you do not want us to collect your personal data through the use of Google Analytics on your web browser, there is a browser add-on you can install and which prevents Google Analytics from collecting and using your data. You can learn more about it here:

5. How Cuervo y Sobrinos uses your personal data

Here is how we use the data we collect about you:

Enabling you to make full use of all the functions available on our website.

Ensuring a spotless execution of all these functions;

Improving all functions of our website;

Personalizing the way you utilize our website to enhance your convenience;

Communicating with you, in particular to answer your questions and notify you of changes concerning our products and services;

Fulfilling all contracts between you and us, most notably in regard to purchases you made;

Managing your personal account, especially in regard to the orders you place, to deliver satisfying customer service and provide any information you may request;

Taking antifraud and blacklist measures in case a person commits or is implicated in fraud relating to our products, services, or trademarks. These measures consist mainly of preventing such people from accessing and using our products and services as well as communicating with CUERVO Y SOBRINOS. In events like this, we will defend CUERVO Y SOBRINOS’s right before state authorities as needed;

Taking any necessary measure to stop fraud and payment defaults during online transactions;

Providing you with information that may be of interest to you, either with your consent or within applicable rules and regulations, in particular about our products, services, and promotional opportunities through publications like our newsletter.

6. Data retention period

We do not keep personal data for longer than we need to fulfil the purposes described above and to conform to legal obligations, unless you allow us to keep your data for a longer period. Personal data is typically archived for period that does not exceed 10 years (except if legal obligations require or allow us to keep the data for a longer period). When that retention period ends, we shall delete all of your personal data with no obligation to provide further information to you.

7. How your personal data is shared or transferred

CyS Sa and all affiliates that distribute CUERVO Y SOBRINOS products and services, shall process your personal data and may also transfer it with each other to manage and optimize the customer relationship, in addition to communicating information about news and offers that may be of interest to you within the bounds of your consent and relevant legal ground. CyS Sa may also transfer your personal data in the event of a reorganization operation like a merger, takeover, de-merger, and similar operations. Furthermore, CyS Sa may also transfer your personal data to third parties such as:

- Third parties that provide the services offered on our website, most notably IT service suppliers, hosting providers, maintenance services, postal services, payment services, payment and fraud management services, and any third party that may process your personal data for our account in order to fulfil your orders or respond to you when you Reach out to us.

- Third-party subcontractors whose role is to provide customer service or the product, service, or information you have asked for, in addition to those who provide advertising based on data they collected about you as you use our website

- Persons and entities required by law or court orders. We may share your personal data with third parties when doing so is needed to follow the law, protect our right, and prevent cases of fraud or abuse. In the event that we receive a national security or law enforcement request for information, we make sure that they are lawful, specific, and justified, and will notify you, if possible, that your personal information is being requested. Note that assessing whether a request is reasonable and whether it is possible to inform you of it is done at our sole discretion

Transferring your personal data to third parties may be done only when it is needed to deliver a product or service to you. Whatever the case, third parties are forbidden from using that data beyond what is needed to deliver that product or service to you. In the event of a cross-border data transfer, we will take all necessary measures to ensure your personal data is properly protected as it is transferred outside of Switzerland and the European Economic Area. In the rare case where we cannot guarantee sufficient protection of your personal data, we will either ask for your approval beforehand or set up a contractual framework or proper safeguards with the recipient of the personal data to ensure sufficient protection, in which case you may contact us to receive a copy of these safeguards.

8. Security measures regarding your personal data

We follow all principles of data protection by design and by default and take all necessary measures, both technical and organizational, to make sure your personal data remains fully security, in addition to limiting its processing as much as possible. We want to emphasize that, by default, we process only the data that is needed to fulfil each of the purposes of data processing, and access the minimum of data required for the purposes described in clause 5 of this Privacy Policy. As for your payment details that you communicate in the process of a payment transaction, they are encrypted via SSL technology.

9. Your choices regarding your personal data

We endeavour to give you choices in regard to the personal data you give us or that we collect from, mainly via our website. There are mechanisms you can use to exercise control over your personal data. For example, you can manage your cookies preferences on your web browser to refuse some or all cookies, or to notify you whenever cookies are placed on your browser, as stated in clauses 3 and 4. You can choose whether or not you will regularly receive information on CUERVO Y SOBRINOS news and offers. You can indicate your agreement by ticking the box(es) on our registration form(s) or by answering the question(s) asked by our clerks. When you no longer want to receive that sort of information, you can unsubscribe at any moment in one of these four ways:
- By following the instructions given in each of our email

- By sending a request using the Contact form on the CUERVO Y SOBRINOS website

- By sending a request using your CUERVO Y SOBRINOS account

- By sending an email at

Keep in mind that, even if you unsubscribe from our marketing email, we may still send you administrative email, such as those relating to transactions and notifications about your account.

10. Your rights regarding your personal data

You have the right to ask for an access of your personal data that we process. If you have an account at CUERVO Y SOBRINOS, you can access it on our website to freely access, review, edit, and update your personal data whenever you wish to do so. You can also contact us at and request that we make the changes you want. Moreover, you can ask that we:

-Correct or delete your personal data;

-Restrict the processing of your personal data;

-Transfer your data to a third party;

-Stop processing your personal data in case we depend on your consent and do no have any legal basis to keep processing your personal data;

-Stop utilizing your personal data for the purpose of building your client profile, which means you will not be able to benefit from personalized offers and services anymore;

-Stop sending you communications about our news and offers.

When you want to request access, correction, or deletion of your personal data, you must provide your phone number and email as you contact us at Note that we may ask for proof of your identity (such as a copy of the official Identification Document with a photo that states your date and place of birth). This request is free of charge except if your request is unreasonable or excessive, like making a request multiple times in less than one year or making a request that produces an enormous workload. In cases like these, we may charge a request fee that follows the applicable data protection legislation. If you ever feel that your personal data has been misused or that we failed to meet your expectations or satisfy your demands, please do not hesitate to contact us.

11. Eventual Updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be revised and updated in the future. Any changes we make on the Privacy Policy will become effective when we publish the revised version on our website.

12. Applicable law and Jurisdiction

The substantive laws of Switzerland shall govern this Privacy Policy and all matters related to it or arising out of it, regardless of conflicts of laws and principles thereof. Any dispute, controversy, or dispute that arises out of this Privacy Police or is related to it shall be settled through amicable negotiation between you and us. If such negotiation fails to settle the matter, it shall then be settled by the jurisdiction of the Court of Delémont, Switzerland, and both parties irreversibly agree and submit to to the jurisdiction of that Court.

13. Contact

If you have any questions regarding your personal data, feel free to send an email to our Data Protection Officer at and we will get back to you shortly.