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The Historiador Asturias Launch Event

The Historiador Asturias was officially unveiled on Friday 03/12/2021 at an event in the Sanchez Vallina Joyeros jewellery store, located in the town of Oviedo in Asturia.

Cuervo y Sobrinos was founded in 1882 by Cuervo and his nephews. This group of remarkable entrepreneurs and highly skilled goldsmiths originated from Asturias, a region in northwest Spain.

 The Historiador Asturias honours those courageous emigrants who, in the 19th century, sailed to the Americas in the pursuit of fortune. Cuba proved a popular choice for the intrepid Asturians, eager to discover a new world and make a better life.

The Sanchez Vallina Joyeros jewellery store is not far from where the Cuervo family lived prior to emigrating to Cuba. The Sanchez Vallina Joyeros jewellery store was founded in the late 1960s by Nicolás Sánchez. During the 1970s, the business moved to premises located on Asturias street. Today, it is located on Gil de Jaz street in Oviedo, one of the most important commercial areas of the town.