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The Lonsdale Watch x Watchonista x CronotempVs

Cuervo y Sobrinos is proud to unveil this cigar-inspired, retro-styled, limited-edition watch produced and designed with the international watch collectors club CronotempVs Collectors, online watch magazine Watchonista, and its luxury lifestyle sub-platform The Lounge and acclaimed watch designer Eric Giroud as part of his personal design side project, Somewhere.

The watch is only available for purchase on the CronotempVs Collectors store

Born out of a shared passion for the worlds of watchmaking and premium cigars, the Lonsdale watch and its presentation case are the brainchildren of two seasoned cigar smokers: Scaramanga (CronotempVs Collectors) and Marco Gabella (Watchonista). 

These two watch collectors were savoring a couple of Cuban vitolas when they came up with an idea to merge the two worlds that brought them together in a unique manner: collaborating with a watch brand to create a timepiece that took cues from the realm of fine cigars. Two years later, the Lonsdale is born. 

Made by Cuervo y Sobrinos, the Lonsdale is an understated time-only watch oozing vintage appeal thanks to its old-school design, inspired by classic Cuervo y Sobrinos references spawned during Havana’s mid-20th century heyday. 

The result is an entirely new design that revisits the Swiss brand’s Cuban legacy from an alternate vantage point: A distinctively shaped 40mm case with prominent lugs in polished stainless steel, paired with textured metallic dials with Alpha hands and period typeface. 

The Lonsdale comprises three 82-piece, small-batch limited editions, each named after shades of traditional cigar wrapper leaves: Candela, with a silvered and green dial; Claro, with a champagne dial; and Oscuro, with a brown dial. “Uno de 82” is engraved on each caseback. 

The Lonsdale is delivered in a versatile presentation case which, like a high-end cigar box, is crafted from Spanish cedar. On the outside, its leatherette cover features a gilded and embossed smoke swirl motif created by acclaimed watch designer Eric Giroud as part of his personal design side project, Somewhere. 

Inside, a presentation tray houses the Lonsdale watch and three accessories fit for cigar lovers: a black cigar rest, a black and gilded cigar tube, and a NATO strap that resembles the silk ribbon used to bundle a wheel of quality cigars. 

Limited to 246 examples – 82 pieces for each of the three dials – the Lonsdale and its presentation case can be pre-ordered today by visiting the CronotempVs Collectors online shop and committing to a 50-percent down payment on the €2,500 sale price, excluding taxes and shipping.